Reverse Engineering Malware

This course is designed to explore tools and techniques for in-depth malware analysis. The participants will learn how to use various tools to perform malware analysis on well-known malware samples and learn how the malware behave against innocent system.

Training Objectives

  • File format based malware analysis
  • Analysis of binary inside binary
  • Learn about obfuscator and crypter
  • Incident response analysis
  • FUD technique and analysis

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who have dealt with incidents involving malware and wanted to learn how to understand key aspects of malicious programs.
  • Technologists who have informally experimented with aspects of malware analysis before the course and were looking to formalize and expand their expertise in this area.
  • Forensic investigators and security practitioners looking to expand their skillsets and learn how to play a pivotal role in the incident response process.


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