About Us

Spentera has been assisting customers in identifying and managing security risks for more than 5 years and continues to provide customers with expertise to fulfill their business needs. Today, Spentera Training provides customers and the public with even more assistance to gain the knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain cyberspace security. Our training includes courses that are specially designed with our own syllabi, such as Hacking Playground, Social Engineering, and Intrusion Analysis, which we aim to introduce to the wider public so that more businesses would be prepared against cyber attacks.

Our custom training is one-of-a-kind, as our courses utilize products that are specially crafted for use in our trainings and in the real world. We train all participants to ensure that that they receive comprehensive knowledge and skills required to deliver adequate results in the most efficient way. With guidance from experienced and internationally certified experts in the field, training participants at Spentera will have a solid ground to enter the cybersecurity field in the real world.


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